Portals Open, Timelines and the Mandela Effect

Namaste 🦄🦄🦄


Portals are opening, portals of higher frequency energy. Those sensitive to cosmic fluctuations may be experiencing anxiety, shaking, difficulty concentrating. Spaciness, forgetfulness, tearful. Hunger or loss of appetite. Hyper awareness of energy fields of people around you. Lethargic. When portals open they cause intense disturbances in the atmosphere, this can be felt by some people. A feeling of being untethered, making limbs shaky, causing clumsiness and insecure footing, even walking down stairs can be challenging. Practise regular grounding mantras drawing universal light love through crown chakra, down out through your feet back into Gaia.

This portal is about timelines. A further shift in human consciousness is being heralded, the rug may be pulled from under our feet. Disclosure is intensifying. Disclosure of ufo and alien intergalactic communities. Disclosure of depravity and mass programming in entertainment, in politics, in athletics and fashion. There is a nervous energy bubbling to the surface…

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