Be Of One Heart – A Call for International Prayers by AnGeleve

Angel 4 Light

I speak to you my precious Angels on our Beautiful Terra. Yes, my dear Terrain Family, I love you all so very much. We have before us these days so many challenges, many are personal but many more are on a International Level. It is the issues of International Level that I plead with you that we come together as one voice. It is imperative now more than ever before.

Have we had opposite ways of thinking in the past? Yes.  Have we faced terrifying situations before? Most absolutely true for both of these questions.

Ask yourself, and think deeply and honestly from your heart.  Why is there Hate? Why is there Fear? Does it achieve anything good? Why can’t we be like we were in the days of Lyra or Atlantis? When we had full knowledge of who we were and lived in Love of all things and peoples…

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Energy Update Feeling too 3d or too 5d? Don’t worry! 

Beautiful Illuminated I AM 🦄🦄


We are caught in a maelstrom of clashing energetic frequencies, a great war for the evolution and freedom of humanity and planet earth, Gaia. Prophesied and predicted for many thousands of years, cosmic occurrences have conspired to activate multi dimensional, accelerated rEvolution. We are experiencing profound timeline shifts triggered by the 11.11 portal. Our allies work to guide us towards positive timelines whilst our enemies, the cabal elite and their intergalactic masters step up their attempts to lock down humanity in negative timelines. These adjustments can be felt by some, a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality, vertigo or nausea can be experienced. We can feel untethered and simultaneously connected to everything. This creates a floaty, fluctuating, woozy feeling. Timeline shifts are key in the manifestation of a new peaceful higher dimension.

Warriors of Gaia we have much work to do yet many of us are feeling in…

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Portals Open, Timelines and the Mandela Effect

Namaste 🦄🦄🦄


Portals are opening, portals of higher frequency energy. Those sensitive to cosmic fluctuations may be experiencing anxiety, shaking, difficulty concentrating. Spaciness, forgetfulness, tearful. Hunger or loss of appetite. Hyper awareness of energy fields of people around you. Lethargic. When portals open they cause intense disturbances in the atmosphere, this can be felt by some people. A feeling of being untethered, making limbs shaky, causing clumsiness and insecure footing, even walking down stairs can be challenging. Practise regular grounding mantras drawing universal light love through crown chakra, down out through your feet back into Gaia.

This portal is about timelines. A further shift in human consciousness is being heralded, the rug may be pulled from under our feet. Disclosure is intensifying. Disclosure of ufo and alien intergalactic communities. Disclosure of depravity and mass programming in entertainment, in politics, in athletics and fashion. There is a nervous energy bubbling to the surface…

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DNA Programming happening NOW!

Wellness Hero

If you still think that Western Governments aren’t controlled by a shadow order, such as the banking dynasty, then you’re still an engineered advocate for the control system. We also say sheep, yet many individuals will counter and make statements like they are ‘awake,’ yet are deeply plugged into a false life of NOT engaging the power that is within. Engaging the power of being human certainly requires a direct relationship of the Electro-Magnetic currents that run within, through and around our bodies.angel

In fact, many beliefs about the world are most likely false. It is challenging to connect to TRUTH that is being displayed in the third dimension of consciousness. No matter if you look at your philosophical or systemic beliefs, you’ve been purposely dumbed down by the matrix media to endorse a series of false narratives that perpetuate a system designed for the benefit of a few.


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